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We are a small group that has had it with the lack of concern “The Morons” have with keeping the streets safe for all of us. We are so motivated to get the laws changed, much as M.A.D.D. accomplished some years back. Your help and participation will be truly appreciated.

In today’s cyber world we have the true definition of MORON, that being, one operating a vehicle and texting, tweeting, on Facebook, Instagram or a multitude of other apps. Placing everyone around them at a very high risk of life and limb, literally, and could care less! One might assert that this is criminal by definition. In society today the practice of selfishness, self-indulgence and a complete lack of accepting responsibility for ones actions, we have these criminals driving distracted that should be sited for reckless endangerment or at the other end of a long list of charges and violations, attempted murder or murder itself should a MORON cause an end to a life.

With drivers in cars using their mobile devices, this translates to a 3000 lb. + weapon with a MORON at the trigger waiting for a place to happen.

The average of a lot of surveys that have been done on the percentage of MORONS using a mobile device during any aspect of the operation of a vehicle, is approximately 50% or more likely, much greater. Not very good odds at all.

And yet these MORONS don’t even give this criminal act a second thought. Every time we head out to the grocery store or an appointment, etc., we face the risk of an accident or even death at the hands of a selfish MORON. Take a good look around when you next drive the streets. The MORONS don’t care. MORONS with children in the car are the worst kind of MORON.

This site has a couple of steps we think has a positive direction.


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